Mailing Domiciliation

With the domiciliation service Mail Boxes Etc. receive parcels and business documents to a secure address with the utmost confidentiality. Thanks to the exclusive-Mail Service Check, you can verify the receipt of your correspondence with a simple phone call and withdraw it whenever you want or ask your center Mail Boxes Etc. mail it anywhere you are. Standard, Plus and Premium: the domiciliation service Mail Boxes Etc. is available in different packages, tailored to your needs.

Inexpensive company domiciliation at last within reach!

With the Mail Boxes Etc. domiciliation service, your company's reference address is the address of our Center (your Head Office).

It's worth remembering that the choice of registered office is crucial, as it defines the address where the association or company will be domiciled. This physical address is important because it's the one that's mentioned on all administrative documents and letterheads.

Why choose an inexpensive Mail Boxes Etc. business address?

  • make a distinction between your professional and personal life.
  • have a downtown address or a prestige address.
  • take advantage of other Mail Boxes Etc. services: scan your mail, send parcels, print documents...


Tailor-made service

Our inexpensive business domiciliation service is flexible: it adapts to the volume and frequency of your incoming mail. You'll have access to your mailbox 24/7*. 

We'll take care of your mail, registered mail and parcels. Are you unable to visit your center regularly? We can digitize your mail and forward it to you or redirect it to the address of your choice. The centers offering this service have prefectoral approval to act as domiciliation agents.


Company domiciliation

Are you looking for a low-cost company domiciliation service offering additional services? Our solution is just what you need! 

In fact, your Mail Boxes Etc. center can host your company's head office. In this case, our staff will be on hand to receive your mail and parcels. You can then access your mailbox 24/7*. 

Do you live far away or don't have the time to visit your center regularly? No problem. We can either physically forward your mail to you, or digitize it for you. Here again, rigor, confidentiality and discretion are the watchwords of our work.


Our association domiciliation service

Have you just set up an association, or are you in the process of doing so? We offer to domicile your association's head office in one of our centers.

Why should you? Our association domiciliation company offers specific services tailored to the needs of associations.

This service is also particularly well-suited to the needs of associations: in the event of a change of office, there will be no need to systematically change the association's status (the registered office will remain fixed).


How do you transfer the registered office of a 1901 association?

In order to change an association's registered address, it must first amend its articles of association. This modification must be ratified by a vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Once the association's articles of association have been updated, you must declare them to the prefecture within three months.


*This service varies from center to center.


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