Wine shipping - professional and private

One partner, many services.

MBE Wine is the ideal solution for shipping your wine in France and abroad even during the Holiday Season. A turnkey service designed for manufacturers, caterers and e-commerce that want to face peak in demand mainting high standards during one of the most challenging period of the year. MBE can support you managing logistics, packing and shipping fragile glass bottles and also preparing the necessary paperwork for exporting your wine worldwide. MBE Centers can manage the logistics processes from pick-up to packing with the right materials for preserving the wine during transit, while taking care of all documentation before and after the shipments.

Want to give an extra protecion to your wine bottles during the Holiday Season?

With MBE SafeValue you have comprehensive product protection that will cover you from pickup to delivery, reimbursing not only the value of the product but also the shipping and packing cost in case of loss or damage.


MBE. All in one.

With a professional wine shipping partner you have:

  • Collection (on request)

    If you need to, you can ask your MBE Center to pick-up your wine bottles. You just have to choose when.

  • Professional packing

    Your wine bottles have nothing to fear thanks to our professional packing solutions.

  • Shipment tracking

    With the tracking code you control the status of the shipment.


Shipping your wine is easy with MBE!

With MBE Wine, you can also ship your wine to the United States for personal use*, with full management of customs duties and taxes and notification of wine importation as required by the Food and Drug Administration. Whether you are a wine producer, wholesaler, owner of a wine shop, restaurant owner, sommelier or just a wine lover who has the need to ship wine and sparkling wine, for sale or personal use, you can rely on Mail Boxes Etc.


*Wine export for personal use in the USA
MBE also offers a specific shipping service that allows you to ship wine for personal use in the United States which may include full handling of taxes and customs duties upon request and importing notification of wine as required by the Food and Drug Administration.

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