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Why handle your own logistics during peak periods?

Businesses are witnessing a surge in online purchases. 

More and more businesses are experiencing a noticeable uptick in online transactions. For e-commerce businesses, it's crucial to efficiently manage the surge in orders from a logistical standpoint. A sudden influx of orders within a short timeframe can potentially harm a brand's reputation if warehouse operations aren't optimized: delays in shipping, operational inefficiencies, inventory shortages, shipping mistakes, and more. The aim is to enhance inventory management, expedite order processing, and streamline shipments.

Managing logistics independently can pose challenges. Rely on us to transform the demands of peak periods into lucrative business prospects! 

Customers who opt for Mail Boxes Etc. logistics seek a comprehensive and adaptable solution that transcends basic shipping services. We offer assistance through professional packaging services, encompassing product storage management and selection of optimal carriers for both domestic and international deliveries. At MBE, our objective is to enhance your e-commerce operations. Timely preparation is pivotal in providing customers with an exceptional shipping experience. We're committed to supporting you throughout the process, ensuring efficiency and dependability - because your success is paramount to us!



Your logistics with MBE


    Digital tools to track your stocks or orders and schedule your shipments.

    Storage of your raw materials, goods and returns in an MBE Center.

    Track and record incoming and outgoing order movements.

    Send your products anywhere in the world with MBE.
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