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Mail Boxes Etc. Shipping rate change information

Mail Boxes Etc. informs that with effect from January 1st, 2021 a revision of the shipping pricelists will be applied.


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Paris 2020 January 1st

The new challenges of the global market such as e-commerce, the digitalization of end customers and the sustainability of companies require the development of increasingly efficient media and logistics.

The trend in the shipping market and the tariff changes already published by the main market players show full consistency with the scenario described above.

In this context, Mail Boxes Etc. (hereinafter "MBE") informs that with effect from January 1st 2020 a revision of the shipping pricelists will be applied in order to guarantee the high levels of service that distinguish the MBE Network and which are the main reason for which end customers choose MBE entrepreneurs every day as partners for their activities.

The main changes* are the following:

  • The prices of domestic and international services will increase on average 5 %
  • Surcharges for residential deliveries, additional handling / parcels with length exceeding 100 cm, large packages, non-stackable pallets, will be applied in a more extensive manner.

We take this opportunity to thank all the customers who daily choose the MBE Centers as logistics partners, confirming their commitment to continually offer a wider and more evolving range of services which, for example, includes MBE SafeValue, MBE Import and MBE e-LINK.

The MBE portfolio expresses our concrete desire to be closer to our customers, helping them to stay focused on the business and finding tailor-made solutions to support them in their business and personal activities.

About Mail Boxes Etc.:

MBE Centers are managed by independent Entrepreneurs who operate under the MBE brand as a result of a franchise contract. For this reason, not all services and products offered by Mail Boxes Etc. are available at each MBE Point of Sale. Mail Boxes Etc. and MBE are trademarks registered and used by MBE Worldwide S.p.A. (all rights reserved).

* The impact of these changes on the final rate charts may differ depending on the characteristics of each customer's shipments and the commercial agreements in place.


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