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e-Commerce Solutions for your online business
Discover the suite of digital solutions for e-commerce logistics, order management and shipments.
Create and manage your online shop easily!
Sell online one Prestahop, a fully customizable e-Commerce platform, adapted to the growth of your business.

The Tailored Solution for Shipping Batches and Precious Items Worldwide

Send your precious items with MBE Auction

Designed for the dispatch of batches of auctions, artworks, and precious items, the MBE Auction platform allows you to make your quotes quickly and accurately. It also enables you to directly request the collection of your artworks and track your shipments from start to finish while minimizing potential errors.

Our (your) new resolutions !

Mail Box, Mail Boxes, or MBE, even if our brand Mail Boxes Etc. is challenging to pronounce, you trust us every day!

In the era of new resolutions, we pledge again this year to support you in all your projects!

Thousands of parcels sent in 2023, and it will be even more in 2024 thanks to our solutions: MBE eShip, MBE Fulfillment, MBE Auction… specialized services that we continue to develop and improve to offer you the best support.

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Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the largest networks of service centers worldwide, owned and operated by independent entrepreneurs who provide shipping, order management, printing, and marketing solutions to businesses and individuals, with a focus on the highest quality customer service.

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MBE Service Centers operating currently around the globe.
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International shipping
Shipping is not just about sending an item from point A to point B, but represents continuity in the customer experience, offering quality service from end to end. In this new year, how can you overcome shipping problems and optimize your customers' experience?
MBE SafeValue is the complete solution for shipping your valuables with a professional packing, shipping and covering service, protecting your products from collection to delivery. 
MBE OnLine
With MBE OnLine, it's easy to transform your traditional business into a remote sales operation! So that you can send your products directly to the customer without them having to leave their home, we've created this platform especially for companies used to traditional commerce but wishing to enter the digital world.
Automate your shipping and order management processes for PrestaShop stores with eShip for PrestaShop. Save time, improve customer satisfaction and boost sales!
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Nos skippers Conrad Colman et Fabio Muzzolini ont conduit l’IMOCA Mail Boxes Etc. jusqu’en Martinique !
Comment rédiger un business plan pour la franchise ?
Les Centres Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) sont exploités par des franchisés indépendants sous forme d’un contrat de franchise de la marque MBE. A travers son réseau de franchise Mail Boxes Etc. propose des services de soutien pour les entreprises et les particuliers. Les principaux services proposés sont l’expédition et la logistique, pour lesquels MBE a mis en place des accords-cadres avec les principaux acteurs nationaux et internationaux, ainsi que des services d’impression et de graphisme qui sont réalisés soit en interne soit en externe avec des imprimeurs. Dans le cadre de leur activité, chaque franchisé MBE est contractuellement tenu d’effectuer la promotion des services auprès des clients professionnels et particuliers à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur du Centre MBE (Prospection). Mail Boxes Etc. et MBE sont des marques enregistrées et utilisées avec l’autorisation du groupe MBE Worldwide S.A. (tous droits réservés). Les services proposés peuvent varier en fonction des Centres MBE. Sans accord par écrit de la SARL MBE France il est interdit de copier, distribuer, modifier, republier, reproduire, télécharger ou transmettre à un tiers l’ensemble des éléments édités sur ce site, incluant notamment toutes les informations et données. Nous n’assumons aucune responsabilité quant à l’utilisation de matériel non autorisé, les données et / ou des données contenues dans ce site Web.

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