Make your business easier with Mail Boxes Etc. solutions !

Mail Boxes Etc. offers you personalized services for your packaging and shipping... You can have full confidence in our services, which are the fruit of decades of experience. Together, we will implement all the levers necessary for your development and success.

MBE France and international expertise

This unique expertise is combined with the professionalism and expertise of our teams who will help you meet the challenges of the expedition. Indeed, MBE was founded in 1980 in California. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the largest franchised global networks of specialized parcel and pallet services for individuals and businesses. Today, our network has no less than 1,600 centres in more than 30 countries. This story is not over yet, as we continue to open an average of one new centre every week. This wide distribution over different territories and continents allows us to be as close as possible to our transport service providers and our customers. We are therefore in a position to advise you in the choice of the most suitable carrier for your needs.

Why use Mail Boxes etc. ? 

Our mission? Mail Boxes Etc.'s dearest wish is to facilitate the activity of its customers across the globe, both companies and individuals, by offering them individual solutions that adapt in every way to their needs. This is why, in addition to packaging and shipping services, we offer other complementary services such as graphic design and printing, domiciliation and rental of mailboxes, or the sale of supplies ... So by offering outsourcing solutions to our clients, we seek to save them time so that they can focus entirely on what is important: the development of their business and their activity. As you can see, our strength lies precisely in our international scope coupled with our close proximity to our clients.

Individualized services

MBE's vocation is to deliver services with a high level of expertise and high added value. This is why, whatever the size of our client, private individual, VSE, SME or large group, he benefits from the same attention. Our employees are very attentive to their requests in order to provide them with tailor-made services and unique support.

  • Packing materials
  • Sending parcels in France
  • Professional packaging
  • Mail Boxes Etc. offers several solutions for your different types of shipping in France, always adapting to your constraints.
  • Ship wine to the US
  • European shippings
  • Collection, packing, formalities, shipping and follow-up with our transport partners ...
    Tailored solutions to easily manage your bottle shipments in France and around the world.
  • Mail Boxes Etc. manages your shipments throughout Europe, both to EU countries or not. By shipping documents, envelopes, parcels up to pallets and beyond everything is all handled from the start to the delivery, even any customs procedure.

  • MBE SafeValue
  • Worldwide shippings
  • MBE SafeValue is an all-in-one solution for packing, shipping and covering against loss and damage of your items.
  • With Mail Boxes Etc. you can get to your documents, objects and products around the World using certified packaging and comply with exports and imports regulations of various states.

  • MBE Import
  • Pallets shipping
  • MBE Import is the service that allows you to import products from foreign, European and non-European countries into the national territory. With MBE Import, you can buy from overseas suppliers as easily as buying from domestic suppliers, without having to worry about customs issues, moreover since the Brexit.
  • Pallet shipping made easy with Mail Boxes Etc.
  • Trade Fair communications
  • Mail Boxes Etc. Shipping rate change information
  • Special venues require special products. Would you like to be visible and effective in your communication or just someone among all the others?

  • Mail Boxes Etc. informs that with effect from January 1st, 2022 a revision of the shipping pricelists will be applied.
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